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Secondly I had to do a lot of sorting out the listing of plugins - it was a complete mess.

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You may also add a password to it, to keep it from being opened or edited New audio-export formats:- MP3, FLAC and Ogg formats are available when exporting RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) tracks.

This might be a surprise to some guitarists, but Guitar Pro 7 has arrived!

This way they will always be scanned by a new version (and the collections, if not copied over, can be imported by copiying the Plugin file from the older version's preferences to the newer version).

For all users should not affect 3rd-party, as it dictates where the content is installed (App Data when 'For the current user' and Program Data when 'For all users').

Guitar Pro 6 users will be glad to see F5 and F6 shortcuts back, for easier access to score and track properties:- F2 Show/Hide edition palette- F3 Switch between displaying only one of the piece’s tracks, and displaying all tracks (1 instrument only, or all instruments)- F5 Show/Hide the Song inspector, to define the score’s properties- F6 Show/Hide the Track inspector, to define the track’s properties- F8 Show/Hide global view- F9 Enable/Disable looped playing- F10 Show/Hide automation editor The program now adapts to lower screen resolutions:- Guitar Pro 7’s windows Preferences, Stylesheet, and Chord library will now fit whatever size your screen is in, and can be resized by you for easier use on lower screen resolutions.

Specific display of the root note on the virtual instrument view:- The root, or tonic, is the note on which a chord or a scale is founded.

In your file explorer, type in %TEMP% as file path.

This will lead you to the Updater in your temp folder.

But ok, i know its working ok, just needs some adjustments to get it perfect.

All settings are normally copied over, but it sometimes goes wrong.

I guess I will have to make use of the search function more - admittedly I have more plugins than any rational person needs.


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