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If you want to preload all the album art when on a good internet connection, by album and start scrolling down until it obtains all of the album art.I hope this is good information and I'll try it over the week end and follow up with my results You should be able to override the artwork that Tesla finds for you with your metadata editor.

When a song fails to display the art, check if when you go to the album in Tesla it works (shows the art).

If so, I suspect the artwork is only embedded in the first song of the album.

Media Monkey will check the first song and uses that album art if other songs are missing the album art.

- so it seems like all songs have art when they don't.

When you do random play, it may need the embedded art in that specific song. In TORG, the default only looks at the first file of the album.

There is an option to examine every file for missing artwork.Starting with 8.0, Tesla dropped CDDB/Gracenote (which was somewhat inaccurate for most owners) and now uses the file's metadata.I also use Media Monkey and have had zero issues with Tesla picking up the album art.I've rebooted several times and have not lost my album art.Also, the art does not have to be accurate for artist and album.However when I used the invisible folder option, it showed up every time.


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