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disaster recovery and document retention policies, particularly as these sites are often intended to be transitory sites that get decommissioned at the end of the project.5) Most organizations decide to customize the default project site template – which indeed can be mapped to specific project types for the automatic provision of differently branded sites.Those fields may be hidden, but not deleted – and additional fields may be added as needed.

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Simply standing up Project Server with a “build it and they will come” approach almost never works.

The SAP MI Server Component uses the SAP user administration of the SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS).

The local logon password is used for local user authentication.

It is stored in coded form on the mobile device, and not in plain text.

As always, when in doubt about licensing issues, always refer to your Microsoft licensing specialist, but the rule of thumb that I’ve always followed is that if they are accessing real time data from the Project Server database, they need a CAL.

This means that even if you’re surfacing Project Server data via External Content Types into an External List on a non-Project Server farm, you still need a CAL to access that list.A second password, called the synchronization password, is used for synchronization with the SAP MI Server Component .The technical difference between the local logon password and the synchronization password allows you to scale security, see the section on Passwords.There should always be a top level site collection within the Web App, even if it’s a simple team site with security blocking anyone from accessing it.3) Project Server maintains its own pool of users, which may be drawn from AD or other authentication mechanisms. This pool controls access to the main PWA site, and may be used to drive security on the individual project collaboration sites (see the next point).SAP Mobile Infrastructure also supports single sign-on.


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