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Flow documents, on the other hand, are primarily used for reading and viewing documents, rather than laying focus on the design and formatting. This control provides you the ability to view documents and host content such as an Xps Document.

Here, we will look at using a Fixed Document inside a WPF Grid. Such content is represented using a Fixed Document.

When you click OK, it will prompt you for filename and location.

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For your information, please review this article How to restore, refresh, or reset your PC to get more help: For your information, please review the following articles Installing the .

NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 and Error codes when you try to install the .

That's why you must manually add a reference to it.

In the code-behind of Main Window.xaml, that is, Main cs, add the following code: This code will read the contents of the XPS document and populate it into the fixed document inside the Document Viewer control.

Many novice users find drivers, their purpose and their maintenance confusing and a hassle.

Yet the greater waste of time is waiting 10 minutes for a computer to boot up completely, just so you can check your email. Drivers installed at the factory are quickly replaced with better, more up-to-date drivers that driver software developer's produce after the initial release of the device. Drivers are small pieces of software that contain the instructions and function sets for a hardware device.Each hardware device has it's own unique driver that instructs the device how to communicate with other hardware devices and the operating system. A driver instructs a CPU (processor), how to communicate with a hard-drive. Updating Windows 7 Drivers improves the relationships between all of the components that work together to make a computer.Hence, when you build and execute the application, you will see the contents of the XPS document.Note, if you don't know how to create an XPS document, just open any PDF, click Print and select Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the printer.You can also customize other controls inside the Document Viewer control template such as toolbuttons and so forth.

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