Vatsim intimidating

Mindstar Aviation develops software such as avionics for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which was further developed into Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

Because customers may purchase the software for home use or use it in training devices with Prepar3D like Redbird’s, Mindstar technology can be used in a formal training environment or from the comfort of one’s home.

The Pilot Proficiency Demonstration follows a progression Mindstar calls “learn, do, fly”: Learn in a webinar or classroom environment, practice in a simulator, and then fly for real, Poulos said.

“If we don’t do all three of those in a progression, … To that end, Airspace VR allows students to practice communications procedures for the security-sensitive airspace around the nation’s capital before keying the microphone of a real airplane.

VATSIM has a Pilot Resource Center, which is a great place to start,

There are various tutorials on how to fly under IFR or VFR out there, but here's one which explains how to conduct a few VFR flights in the Los Angeles, where I'm a controller:

It’s an arrangement the company says will save instructors the drive to the airport many days, and will allow them to work with multiple students at once—saving them gas costs and providing additional revenue.

It also helps students build confidence to take the controls of the simulator solo, Ashby added: “It gives them a better sense of realism in a controlled and safe environment,” he said.

The only thing that needs to be payed for now, is the yearly fee on the domain and our forum.

To help pay for the service provided for VATSIM Scandinavia, we have set up a Pay Pal donation option.

Unlike a simulator service like Pilot Edge, which provides ATC staffing for designated areas, continuing to staff controllers for the expanding network is not part of Mindstar’s long-term plan.


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