Vh1 dating show why am i still single who is beth phoenix dating 2016

After I was done, I would help her pack her suitcase and say you are leaving Hollywood.

There are some people who are strong enough to live in Hollywood and others who are not.

A divorce with two kids, Siggy and her zany staff star on the new docu-series “Why Am I Still Single?! I have been doing it for 20 years -- life coach, matchmaker, love coach.

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If you are like us, there have been times in your life when you’ve wondered why you can’t find your perfect mate.

Well, lonely hearts, VH1 would like you to meet Siggy Flicker, the newest matchmaker on the block. Too Fab caught up with Siggy to discuss her celebrity couple wishlist, her hopes for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, her unique advice for Lindsay Lohan and how each of us can find our perfect match. Flicker: Well I got to a point in my life where I had been doing it for so long, I decided I was going to start making some money off of it.

Too Fab: What advice would you give to Lindsay Lohan?

Flicker: If Lindsay was my daughter I would take her into the room and smack her across the face.

My favorite movie is the “The Notebook” and I would love to see them together.

I would like to see Cameron Diaz back with Justin Timberlake, I thought they were a great couple.

I know they are having problems now, and I really think that 7 years together is like 107 years together in Hollywood time.

It’s really hard in the industry, so I see them working it out.

Remember when Demi Moore moved away for a year to raise her kids?

[Lindsay] needs to get out, she needs to be in an environment that does not entice her and make her do the things she shouldn’t be doing.

Physical chemistry -- you have to want to kiss the person in front of you; Intellectual chemistry -- that person has got to stimulate your mind; Emotional chemistry - you have to be with someone who is ready and able to commit; Spiritual chemistry -- you want to be with someone who is kind and generous.


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