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It would blanket the crowd, seep in to their blood stream, and ultimately make it's way like some happy kick to the heart and head. - The Beach House you're about to meet isn't the same you may remember from before. When Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally returned home to Baltimore last winter, they were worn thin from touring and travel.But deep inside them hot energies were incubating, ideas they had been whispering back and forth in the wake of their sophomore full-length, 2008's Devotion.

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We were dropped into a wilderness, but we had more clarity than we've ever had before." Still driven to avoid distraction, the two marched further into isolation, to bottle up all those wild visions away from home.

They packed up their lives and settled into a converted church in upstate New York with producer Chris Coady.

And as much as you can expect to hear ghostly organs and heavily reverbed guitar and vox on their slow-motion indie-pop tunes, you might also find your ears catching an audio glimpse of something as raw as sandpaper.

Legrand met Scally in 2003, when Legrand's band at the time was on the hunt for a bass player.

With our latest concert release, that intimacy is appropriately compromised (just a bit) adding a drummer to help whirl their woozy sound around the Bell House's open configuration.

Packed warm and tight on a cold, January evening, the sold out audience inhaled the band's music like some miraculous gas.

"We're the same people, but this record has changed our directions," Legrand muses.

"We were forced to let go of people and things we were holding onto as individuals: normalcy, daily rituals, the ability to take care of ourselves.

How anyone can release so much material so quickly is a mystery to begin with, but their sound has a mysterious simplicity where it sounds like more of an utterance versus a composition...These days, there seem to be more and more rock bands featuring one guy and one girl.

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