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Trivia games are a great way to shine light on your team members’ untold strengths.

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You have decided to visit the Sunshine Harbor to find your lost childhood friend.

Your friend will throw a party in a month and you will need a date to attend you in that party.

Often in these dating sims games you will buy little gifts, talk with different guys and give them compliments.

Smiling and laughing will also improve your chances for a successful date. Idol days Sim Date is a simulation game, where you play as a teenage girl Lexie who dreams of being a famous band guitar player.

They’re mostly to give all of us an excuse to take a break from adulting and have a good time. Sometimes working with a virtual team actually allows people to share themselves in a much more intimate way. If your team works with video chat, you can do full impersonations. Did you ever play that game in elementary school where your whole class made a story line by line? This especially works if you have Slack or another large group messaging chat system.

One person writes one line to start the story then in turn, each person adds one line to create a story!

Bonus points if your team makes a dance party playlist together. Watching that avatar proves that some things really should be left mysterious and not explained by internet science. You play holiday music on video chat and sing together! The great thing about working from home is that you can generally wear whatever you want. It’s like in grade school when the teacher would make you turn to your neighbor and share something with them. ” “How does it feel to be a mother for the first time?

The water cooler is the space where the mysterious fun happens. You both chuckle at your joke and return to your desk ENLIGHTENED by that brief interaction. In your virtual office, it’s difficult for this kind of spontaneity to occur, but when you create a special space where people can convene, leaving work behind, even virtually, you are definitely more apt to get the SMILEZ. Usually this translates to PJs, but this can also EMBOLDEN your attire in other ways.. Most of us wanted to do this on our own, but we were afraid. ” Once you have been asked a question by a co-worker, you must now ask another co-worker a question from the list.

In today’s world of a million “internet science” articles and google searches, it seems like everything has been broken down into digestible easy steps. Being that a virtual office is not the most organic context, it’s important to think outside the box when dreaming up new possibilities for company-wide play. Not only is this a great way to improve your job performance, but it will up the fun factor in your workspace.


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