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But Bam learned to love again, and in 2006 he started dating and proposed to a childhood friend named Missy Rothstein.

The events leading up to their wedding became the subject of yet another Margera reality show called The couple did get married, but unfortunately it didn't last.

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The Note opened two years later, with much of the time in between spent fighting community objections to the club.

Due in part to Margera's reputation, the bar had to agree to many concessions just to open—the Note wasn't allowed to do what other bars in the area could do, such as offer take-out beer or even happy hour specials.

According to Margera's IMDb page, he's also playing a police detective in an upcoming thriller titled Running a bar, restaurant, or concert venue isn't easy—a great deal of paperwork, licensure, community relations, and headaches go along with it.

Nevertheless, in 2006 Margera approached businessman Don Moore with the idea of opening a bar/restaurant/venue in Margera's hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

"I'm innocent," she told the Margera was often seen with his fiancée, Jenn Rivell.

But they never got married—they split up in 2005, and a year later Margera filed a restraining order against her after she allegedly broke into his house.

“We’re trying to help him from across the country.” Bam, 38, was cuffed on Sunday morning after he stopped to talk to California Highway Patrol officers who were stopping someone else, according to TMZ. This is Bam’s first DUI arrest, but he has admitted to struggling with alcohol and bulimia in the past.

The officers smelled alcohol on Bam during their conversation and had him pull over for a field sobriety test. His best friend Ryan Dunn was killed after he got behind the wheel during a night of drinking in 2011.

Bam Margera‘s family is doing their best to get the former “Jackass” star help after his DUI arrest in California.


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