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U sure are a gifted actor Sir, who performs naturally. Song Joong Ki is extremely handsome and great acting skills. And now I have become a total fan girl of this guy. I am currently watching SKKS and you are just freaking amazing as Yeorim. DESPITE of show dubbed in hindi i saw korean version to hear your voice. I saw u firstly in my life nd i lov ur acting ur way of talking .... Me and my family excitedly watching descendants of the sun. Song Joong Ki can portray Captain Yoo very well, it's like two different people between Song Joong Ki and Captain Yoo Si Jin.

Fell flat on my face watching the rooftop helicopter scene, when Shijin looks at the actress before entering the helicopter. there will be a way for you to get luck anytime, because you deserve it. Love u song joong ki how can you be so cute so charming so hot wanna meet you saranghae oppa wait for me to marry you my bigboss of heart you are my dream boy and hero of my life you are the bestest actor i have ever seen just love you Big Fan of Korean Dramas viewed on Netflix. Excellent acting, story moves quickly and characters are interesting. I hope that I see you soon here in the philippines. Love you all.:) Recently saw DOTS thanks to Zindagi TV. Descendants of the sun.....rocks I loved your acting in descendent of sun. It makes me remember Choclate cream soldier from Arms and the Man by GB Shaw. U are sweet ,cool,amazing,charming,handsome,and cute nd most of all the way u smile.. Now a days I m watching ur show in Hindi language ..... but, no srsly, he's smart, he can act, he can rap, he can sing... Even Captain Yoo still have cute face but he is so manly, cool, mature and sexy.

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as expected since i saw him in sungkyungkwan scandal :) he gonna be a good actor in the future, and see? love your expression through your eyes especially in a werewolf boy hope the best for your acting career :) I love you song Jung ki... its my life's dream to meet u ,you are so charming so much. Don't know how many times I have watched it over & over again ..still it feels like let's go one more time... thats why i love him and really love his character too. The bettleship Island When I saw his drama for the first time I fall in love with his looks acting everything That drama was descendants of the sun I watched it after watching werewolf boy movie where I liked him As I stated liking him I also watched Innocent man . Later I watched a kdrama named healer and fall in love with other actor now who is way more handsome , manly and hot . #saranghyeo oh my god mr.joongki u r so cool,amazing,charming,handsome,cute and most of all the way u smile.... u know what i pray to god that someday i will become an actress ah famous actress and i will go to korea to meet you.. u totally stole my heart in innocent man and killed me in DOTS. mysterious and deep or cute and lovable yet still mysterious. I'm hoping one day you two (Song Hye Kyu) can be together and get to visit your Filipino fans.

U r realy awesome ....acting is marvelous ..are realy good looking...u lots .u do many dramas like descendants of sun..you read this and reply .....only desire in life is to see u live ....... Really looking forward for other series together... Getting drunk and sillyness..and every part of the drama is admirable.... on there, he's mess, like a person who dont life such as normal human, but from there, i realize that it was him! why his good looking and charming always bright on every film he does? fallin' in love with his Baby Face and a killer smile that can actually melt your heart. i wish that i will go to korea so that i will see you, i will see all my idols like lee min ho song hye kyo ko hye sun ba rain and many... im looking forward to see you hope you visit philippines LOVE LOVE LOVE u oppa. Annyeong Big boss Song Joong Ki no mu bo go ship da (i miss u so much)...♥♥♥ I literally watch your videos every night before sleeping.(coz u are my sleeping pills).harhar..hella funny. PLEASE can you have a (season 2 or part 2 of descendants of the sun)because everybody really love descendants of the sun please that is my last wish if you don't go here in the phillippines i will cry all day all night forever that all Hi Bigboss (Song Joong Ki), everyone loves to see you.

Je favoriete sportbuddy, je nachtenlange danspartner, het klankbord waar je altijd op kan rekenen of de liefde van je leven.

The most handsome, gentleman, baby face and talented Korean actor ever. I am very happy that you marry my most fave actress, Song Hye Kyo. Song joong ki I admire you a lot now finally you have a family congrats for your married life and I'll always miss you a lot because you created a image that will never be forgotten by me #with love #song song couple #DOTS never ever be forgotten by me..

No one else could have painted it the way you did, Joong Ki.. It's embarrassing to see myself becoming a fan of someone I would never have met in real life. I fell in love with you since wathing My Fair Lady! You're very inspiring and I really want to meet you. I really love you and hope that you will remain as one of the best actors in South Korea. ♥ I somehow wish to see you sooner together with the RM casts esp oppa Kwangsoo... I just thought, "Oh he's handsome and has such flowery image. I don't watch drama based on the actor but when it comes to this soong I make an expection. Not just a pretty face but he's really one of the most amazing actors in the industry. Never thought you and Hyekyo unni would have SO MUCH chemistry! not too sure about him playing tough guy super hero, or any role that requires physicality, it is almost as convincing as him playing soldier for two years in the korean army. hi joong ki, congrats n good luck to your up coming drama descendants of the sun, its been a while not seeing u in a small scene, just excited finally next week the long wait is over...that deep hushky voice ,,,.fighting.

Your character in DOTS is a beautiful work of art... You are not only looking good, you are as well good in acting. Your talent is increasing in every drama and in "The descendants of the sun" you are showing the best acting I have ever seen. ...from INDIA.....:) I have been watching Song Joongki since he mc-ed for Music Bank. What a comeback show for such a talented actor like you. ❤️ joongki is still the best as antihero in the innocent man, his natural prettiness is made for that role.

youre really charming, incredible, and your face is really makes the people mostly 'woman' are dying and crazy about you. I really like your acting in the descendants of the sun. You know how much I admire you in Music Bank & Running Man. I like him more now :) I so love this guy, it's crazy. can't wait for the drama to finish cos am one of does ppl who don't see a drama till Its over. I'm waiting for it since Innocent Man many of your fans here in the Philippines are waiting for your upcoming drama. I mean I love " The Innocent Man " (-u-)(*@*)/( - )\ But the other one I don't know too. Before I love to read novel book but now I love to watch Korean Drama every night. Sometime I like this actor or actress but next time I hate them. Before I am Thai drama fan but now never watch Thai drama anymore. But to all korean directors I request to cast song joong ki and park bo young again in some another drama so that we can watch them together more . Hi :) i just finished watching nice guy (the innocent man) and it was so so so good! you still look good after returning : D i can't wait to see you in next weeks episode of running man~ hwaiting!

I hope you'll be reading this and respond to my mail. Sarangjeo song-joong Ki.:) This actor Song Joog-Ki is such a remarkable actor. But that's how amazing you are, through your work of art... And I love to see u in Descendants of the Sun as Yoo Shi-Jin. Saranghaeeeee joongki does not have any social media account , so guys beware of fake account and oh the statement was confirmed by his company , you can look on internet about tht . how i wish to met you I love to see you again in Running Man oppa.. I hope my wish be granted if not this year, "whenever"; I'm wishing you success and a happy love life in the future. I like him." Since then I have been following all of his projects. But I think it was a good decision because he become incredibly 100x more handsome and cooler and charismatic and perfect when he discharged. I am just glad his come back drama is doing so well even if it wasn't I would still watch. wish u a record breaking rating he's so good.a acting are so natural i love how he do different facial expression specially in front of the woman he love(descendants of the sun)i cant wait for every episode of that drama and he really fit to the role of a captain,oh my!! I'm happy Song Jungki's new drama series Decendants of the sun. I am not sure, how long can I be your fan cause my mind always change.

Het leven draait om de mensen die dicht bij je staan.

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