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Wolf Totem paints a very different picture of China from the one usually presented to Western audiences, more used to "scar literature" describing the ravages of the era of former supreme leader Mao Zedong, and memoirs such as Wild Swans by Jung Chang, or the confessional chick-lit of Wei Hui's Shanghai Baby.Like many other young Communist intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution, Jiang became a Red Guard and he took his ideological fervour to the countryside in his case to the Gobi in 1967, where he came very close to the packs of wolves which roam the wide grasslands found there."It was a book that sold itself in the old way publishing used to work," said Lusby, a Chinese speaker who has lived in China since 1997.

Different combinations of marks can be seen, ranging from an unmarked blade to a blade with 2 Maker Marks and a Distributor Mark. The first section is a list of 262 currently identified dagger manufacturers totalling 410 marks.

This list does not include all the HJ Knife marks or bayonet marks.

The trio just released the music video they specially shot for “Yalla Asia” a song they recorded for the Asian Cup 2010 in Qatar this month. The track was composed and written by talented new singer-songwriter Radhika Vekaria and Max Herman.

The blades of edged weapons can carry various types of identifying marks.

Issue stamps, acceptance stamps, and serial numbers are sometimes seen.

Probably the most important marks for the collector are Maker Marks and Distributor Marks.

Chen develops a relationship with Little Wolf, a cub he finds in a burrow, and Jiang has said in an interview that this really happened to him.

It is from Little Wolf that he learns a lot about the true nature of wolves and he achieves spiritual inspiration from Mongolian religious rituals based around the dogs.

It was the first English-language trade publisher to set up a permanent office in mainland China.

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