Who is miranda richardson dating

Sue's dad recently died after being diagnosed with cancer, and Anna's dad has been diagnosed with dementia, and suffered a stroke.

Speaking to The Telegraph Anna explained: "“We’re quite a tough little unit.

Kate revealed that she has seen Miranda's own cooking skills grow since becoming a mother to son Flynn, who is now six.

Kate first got her start as a celebrity chef after catching the attention of Megan Mullally, one of the stars of Will & Grace.

'Luckily I realised what I'd done, but it could have been a huge disaster!

' Kate has since joined forces with Young Living to help educate Australians on the benefit of cooking with natural oils. I was using lavender in cooking many years ago,' she said.

She has suffered anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, triggered after she awoke to find burglars ransacking her room.

She said to The Times: "I sat upright and there were two men at the end of my bed unzipping my suitcase and going through my stuff.

Anna Richardson is a well known and popular face on TV, presenting shows from Channel 4's Naked Attraction to Secret Eaters.

Unbeknown to most however, the presenter - who has been in a longterm relationship with former Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins since 2013 - has spoken out about battling anxiety in the past.

' "I thought, 'F*** it, I'm in my 30s, I've got tonnes of eggs, I'm fine'. ' and she took me to one side and she said, 'I'm really sorry but you've got nothing.

You're completely infertile'." It's been a hard year for the couple.

Anna was shocked to discover she was infertile while making 2008 Channel 4 show The Sex Education Show.


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