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Ōtani responds that he cannot see her as a girlfriend yet, so her new goal is to make Ōtani regret that and make him like her as well.Like Koizumi, Ōtani's surname (roughly, "big valley") is a pun on his diminutive stature.

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She is generally wiser than Risa or Chiharu in the ways of love, and is always ready to offer her advice.

She's usually the one who sets up all the 'alone time' moments with Risa and Ōtani.

Their efforts fail spectacularly as Suzuki and the girl whom Ōtani had a crush on - Chiharu Tanaka - end up becoming a couple.

All is not lost though, since Risa and Ōtani become close friends.

As they get to know each other better, Risa's feelings for Atsushi begin to blossom, and her love life gets complicated from there on.

One notable fact about Love Com is that instead of speaking standard Japanese, almost all characters speak in Kansai-ben.

Unfortunately her efforts tend to end in failure and Risa returns to her for comfort.

She's utterly in love with her boyfriend, Nakao, and is always calling him her 'honey', 'darling', and 'baby'.

He can be thoughtless and rude but he is kind and a little silly at heart.

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