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As an added bonus an “Executive Session” could be in order, but it will be out of sight from the public.

The tours will feature first-hand accounts by Federal Hill residents about the challenges they faced watching others clean their driveways and sidewalks.

There will also be stories by survivors who braved the elements, and removed snow themselves with a snowblower or shovel.

During her four years in Hartford, Cara has begun to develop an independent streak as she bucked the system and voted against a negotiated bipartisan budget, which Boardman likes and respects. However, where she stands on the quartering of troops as written in the Third Amendment or the Commerce Clause (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3) remains a mystery. This sentence intentionally does not add any information.

Now that football season is over with the completion of the Super Bowl, the office of the Athletic Director for the School District in collaboration with the Bristol Board of Education announced they are making significant changes to Bristol’s Thanksgiving Day game known as the Battle for the Bell next season.

Instead, the following activities are planned: The Manross Library will host at 9AM.

Instructor, famed Forestville coach, Coach Halpert, will guide men and boys through the intricacies of basket weaving because as the brochure says, “Basket weaving just ain’t for chicks.” Using marram, straw, willow or bramble, guys will make baskets that are suitable for holding flowers, towels, tiny little soaps, medium wrenches and 3/4″ lug nuts. Emma Glockenspiel will teach women civil engineering while they sip wine, gossip, knit, post entries to their gratitude journals or organize their coupons. Glockenspiel is a civil engineer with a husband and three loving children and yes, she is very happy.

4) Spectators Tested at Halftime Reason: No one listens to the bands intently so there will be a music appreciation test following the performances.

Spectators must identify instruments, compositions and musical periods from the Baroque era through the jazz era before the game resumes.

5) Halftime Renamed Intermission Reason: Bristol is in need of culture and refinement and doing so will give the game an air of sophistication.

Other changes include the following: * Spectators wear attire that is not disruptive to the game * Attendance taken prior to the coin flip * One-third of American kids are overweight or obese so only fruit and vegetables will be served inside the stadium * Packets of carrot sticks and humus are allowed, provided they are in a clear plastic bag * 15 minutes allotted to eat To this end, the Board of Education updated the student handbook to reflect these new policies.

However, the district attorney wants to prosecute him for traveling 12,397 miles per hour over the speed limit.


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