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The energy that was initiated by the Sun to create, perhaps the greatest Hurricane in the history of Florida in Sept, 2017, Irma, did not make things better for us, here in Florida.

It destroyed property and lives, to say the least, in the billions of dollars.

The contradiction, and fallacy, and extreme case of bias is more than evident as the author left the most important part of his illustration to the imagination and naïve imagination of the inexperienced reader or to the willing-to-believe reader and assume that in both cases the marble and the bridge would have taken an orderly course of action without the active intervention of a intelligent agent in order to reduce the entropy of both systems.

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This simulation is best used with teacher guidance because it presents an analogy of chemical reactions”.

We state, who has to “Do temperature dependent studies” in order to extract the Arrhenious parameters?

“Energy coming from the Sun can decrease the entropy of local systems on Earth”. However in order for the Sun to decrease the entropy of any system, there must already exist a living organism that makes use of the Sun’s energy, and convert it from total disorder into an orderly mechanism of life sustenance.

The author fails once again to be true to science, with his illustration, as energy that comes from the Sun is only constructive as long as it acts on already present process of synthesis of life, and or was or is intelligently and orderly directed by someone, not by chance.

And how is it that “teacher guidance” needed in order for us to understand the “analogy of chemical reactions”.

Why do we need “someone”, some intelligent “teacher” in order to do temperature dependent studies and extract the necessary parameters in order to understand the 2 law of Thermodynamics and its entropy?

It was in order to decrease the actual entropy of that particular set of marbles.

Those are active actions coming from an intelligent agent. That is not called chance, that is called INTELLIGENT intervention.

Open Stax author(s) once again presumptuously assure us that: “It is a fact that living organisms have evolved to be highly structured, and much lower in entropy than the substances from which they grow.

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