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But Carney makes a distinction between their personalities. That’s how we’re different — I’m a bit more protective of myself.” Their singing style is different, too.

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THERE are obvious reasons why Reeve Carney has been cast in Mystery White Boy, the ‘official’ biopic of the singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley, who drowned in 1997.

Both grew up in California; guitarist Buckley played in his school’s jazz band; Carney majored in studio jazz guitar; and Carney’s a dead ringer for Buckley.

“Singing is like the balance between air and muscle.

My singing style is slightly more muscular than Jeff’s. It’s helpful for somebody like me to be practicing that...

“I work with the people I do because they would never try to direct my image.

I would guess that the interview was turned down because I was too busy or too exhausted — I don’t really know.”“I am transparent about my sexuality which i feel is — for lack of a better way to express it — completely open; unzipped,” she continued. I do not judge myself when i feel an attraction to someone and that someone could be of any gender or sexual orientation.But there is no trace of her discussing her sexuality, which she once told me a few years ago was not-so-straight.After she’d written me (via My Space, remember that?Time takes care of the wound So I can believe You had so much to give You thought I couldn't see Gifts for boot heels to crush Promises deceived I had to send it away To bring us back again Your eyes and body brighten Silent waters, deep Your precious daughter in the Other room, asleep A kiss "Goodnight" from every Stranger that I meet I had to send it away To bring us back again Morning theft Unpretender left Ungrateful True self is what Brought you here, to me A place where we can Accept this love Friendship battered down by Useless history Unexamined failure But what am I still to you Some thief who stole from you? , is loaded with covers from Bob Dylan, the Smiths, Led Zeppelin and others and is scheduled to drop on March 11, 2016 through Columbia/Legacy Recordings.Buckley’s broad palate of musical tastes is laid out in the tracklist.


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