Wordpress not updating

The reason that I believe is that c Panel wants to standardize it’s software update system, so that you update all of the site software using c Panel.

This means that they added custom code to disable your ability to update Word Press using the Word Press admin.

wordpress not updating-74

Locate the following line of code: define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); I'm not entirely certain why but this causes a very noticeable delay in page loading.

Change this code to the following: define('DB_HOST', ''); Ah , that's better, now your pages are loading nice and fast.

If the above symptoms and circumstances fit your issue with Word Press not updating, we may have the solution for you.

Cause of the Word Press non updating issue If you are experiencing this issue with Word Press not updating automatically or providing you with the upgrade option.

You were not able to see the Word Press version update message before you fixed the problems. Hope this short guide can help you solve the problem that has troubled me for a while.

Setting up and running your Wordpress content management system website on a Windows Server isn't always as simple as its Unix counterpart.

Finally, simply “restore” the original version of the core files.

And you should be able to see the new update message.

First download and activate the plugin like you usually do.

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