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One of the clubs was in the town of Ulft, where 69 people began meeting in 2010 to exercise for an hour in the morning.The average attendance was five sessions every two weeks.

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Sweating with a partner forces you to embark on a mini tech detox.

Use the time to create a real connection that’ll leave you feeling happier, and healthier, when you’re finished.

Start working these 5 do-em-anywhere circuit moves into the next gym sesh with your workout buddy ot teammate.

Complete 3 full rounds, resting 1 minute inbetween each.

In the meantime, Jaha joins sites like Exercise Friends and Spark People's Buddy Finder, which also let you search for workout friends in your area.

So get your swiping finger ready—thanks to the magic of technology, boring solo runs or being forced to stick with your slow friends could become a thing of the past.

Having someone to chat with while you log miles almost guarantees a longer cardio session than if you were hitting the pavement (or treadmill) alone.

Majority of gym goers are plugged in throughout their workout.

Researcher David van Bodegom said the people studied were members of fitness groups where the average age was 65-plus.

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