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In good humour I thought I’d share a small selection of my favourites to date: 1. Make each solution your own with unlimited opportunities to customize your products and build a plan that's uniquely suited to your needs.

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It should be unique to you and the industry/environment within which you work.

However, I draw a line at pictures of your entire family. There are times when it is offensive to me, that a person’s skills and commercial capabilities are overlooked in such an overt way.

Handsome, charming, seemingly normal, so I agreed to go on another date with him.

We head to a really nice steakhouse, and after appetizers and his third martini, he starts to speak baby talk to me, as in "Would you wike a wittle kissy-wissy?

There appears to be widespread, under-appreciation for professional content on Linked In.

I could be wrong, but that is just what I generally experience.

I definitely don’t have enough pictures taken of myself to have a decent choice in any case.

There aren’t many other photo’s of me that I would deem suitable for Linked In upload either.

Most people realise that what someone looks like, really doesn’t mean a thing if they’ve got a shitey* personality and can’t hold a decent conversation. I know loads of female colleagues and friends who receive the same mildly amusing Linked In treatment.

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