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It’s impossible to quantify what another person feels and work out if what you feel is what they feel.

Any one of us can profess anything we like, hence why love is an action feeling. If you look around and you see the results are, that you’re still waiting around for someone to give you back what you’ve already been putting out, or that you’re in pain, miserable with fleeting highs, or you’re actually regarded casually or as a ‘friend’, that’s a The first time I heard this line from the now infamous and heavily played song, I remember thinking that Adele could replace Mary J Blige as being the best Fallback Girl songwriter.

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You’ll end up feeling rejected, being confused, in pursuit and feeling like you have to ‘win’ them over and in turn, not good enough, and you’ll get overwhelmed by your feelings if you don’t opt out at the lack of mutuality.

It’ll become difficult to distinguish between who feels what and who is doing what.

Men above the age of 15 who wear converse are either really sweet and a little dorky in the most endearing of ways, or they’re “nice guys” who are dorky in the least endearing of ways.

There’s retaining a childlike wonder for things, and then there’s simply refusing to grow up.

And then I thought “How can it not be over for you, if it’s over for them?

” It’s like the relationship ends, or for some of you doesn’t get off the ground, but your feelings .

Only one of those requires years of your emotional labor! This is absolutely a guy who is somehow always walking through a cloud of cologne and says things like “let’s network” completely in earnest.

Boat Shoes is his secret masculinity role model and angrily insists his shorts are “salmon, NOT PINK” just so he can feel like a real man. Think of your life with this man – the 20 hashtags under each rooftop Instagram selfie, the repetition of stories that start with “once I did mushrooms”, the lingering knowledge that nothing about him assures you he isn’t texting three other women.

There are so many people he’d like to be, so his canvas sneakers are literally a canvas for him to express himself through his personality.

He's def got the tortured artist vibe down; he's just a little more high maintenance than you expected.

Loving someone alone or in an imbalanced, unsatisfying, often somewhat ambiguous setting is someone love you.

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