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This is from the movie Christians profess shows their views on marriage.

One of the youtube commenters on the original video countered with the following: Your advice is nice, in thought, but unrealistic in practice. That might make someone STAY in the marriage, but it won’t make the marriage thrive, and what I’d like to see is couples who are genuinely attached and intimate. My concern is that the definition of justified divorce has been so expanded as to make a mockery of the concept of marriage.

I did that exact thing for 7 years, as a married Christian woman. She is also missing a fundamental point; putting on your big girl panties really does lead to happy marriages, at least in the majority of cases.

Based on her own standard even if the husband had indeed been shown as a porn addict, the wife’s actions would not have been justified on those grounds.

Her justification is that watching pornography is adultery.

This was originally posted by Dalrock, enjoy, there quite a bit of truth to this and i think it would be beneficial to anyone reading.

You can find his blog here: Dalrock ——————————————————————————————————————- This issue is so important I’m asking my readers and other bloggers to do whatever they can to help spread the word and protect men and their future children.Any blogger who wishes to is free to repost this entry in part or its entirety on their own blog with a link back to this page.Literally millions of men are at risk here, and we can help them understand the reality they face.All men need to understand this; if your wife decides to divorce you for another man, there will be well respected Christians lining up to justify her decision and place all of the blame on you. But changing yourself doesn’t mean that you change who you fundamentally are.If that means conflating viewing pornography with actual adultery, so be it. It just means that you change your expectations and go to God to help you be the person He wants you to be. Changing so that you tolerate abuse is something else entirely.But I just want to clarify: I do believe that she had grounds for divorce because of his pornography addiction.

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