Chatsexo tampa fl - Xbmc recently added movies not updating

In this article, I’m going to assume that you’re working with a setup like this: one central network share, and one or more XBMC HTPC’s.

xbmc recently added movies not updating-88

The typical command for all systems is: mysql -u Note that when you upgrade to a newer version of KODI/XBMC that the database will be re-created for that particular version.

This could mean that your Kodi starts a little slow the first time, just let it be and do it’s thing.

All XBMC’s – Use the exact same paths to Movies, Music, and TV-Series!

Before we proceed with the My SQL connection for our XBMC boxes we should make sure that the path to our Movies, Music, and TV-Series are consistent for all XBMC’s you’re using.

I do however The advantage being that it’s easy to install and they all come with php My Admin preinstalled – which makes maintaining My SQL and running queries so much easier straight from any web-browser. ) might be that Apache (webserver) will be installed as well (disk-space / minimal CPU load).

If you decide to use a setup without php My Admin then make yourself familiar with how to access My SQL from the command line on your system (or get a program like EMS My SQL Manager or Dev Art SQL Studio, or the free Heidi SQL), see the My SQL documentation for details on your system since you will have to manually (in a shell) go to the mysql command line tool for execute a few SQL statements.

for example my QNAP NAS already comes with My SQL pre-installed (it just needs enabling).

Here is my article on How to install My SQL, Web-Server, and php My Admin on your QNAP.

BUGS AND FIXES Thanks to the large number of users who tested and provided feedback on Alpha and Beta builds we are confident there are no major issues in 8.0.0, but v8.0.1 is tentatively scheduled in 2-3 weeks to resolve anything that needs attention.

SUPPORT FOR OLDER RELEASES It is now ~12 months since Kodi Jarvis was released and ~8 months since our developer team switched attention to Kodi Krypton.

XBMC does not only work with the background info or synopsis of a movie or TV Series/Episode, it also remembers which ones you have seen, and even where in a movie you stopped – so that at a later time you can resume where you left of. the XBMC in my living-room is not sharing this the XBMC in my bedroom – and this is where My SQL comes in play.


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