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Because the code differs significantly in Visual Basic and C#, both language implementations are shown. That basis is realized through the To make this type of structure navigable, everything contained in the structure must share a common interface or be inherited from the same base class.

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You also set the class member variable to false to indicate that the validation was not successful. Listing 6.7 shows an example of using the Remember that, in XML, everything is a node. Attributes '*****RECURSIVE CALL traverse Tree(temp Node, indent 4) Next End If End If If node.

The next step is to create a // Wire up the callback to our Validation Call Back routine Validation Event Handler event Handler = new Validation Event Handler (Validation Callback); //Wire up the event handler to the validating reader's event handler validator. Schema Public Class XMLFunctions Private is Valid As Boolean = False 'Private flag to hold validation results from callback Public Function Is XMLValid(By Val xsd File As String, By Val xml File As String) As Boolean 'Instantiate a reader to read the XML file is Valid = True Dim text Reader As Xml Text Reader = New Xml Text Reader(xml File) 'Associate the Validating Reader with the XMLText Reader object Dim validator As Xml Validating Reader = New Xml Validating Reader(text Reader) validator. Auto 'Create the schema collection Dim schemas As Xml Schema Collection = New Xml Schema Collection() schemas. A processing instruction in an XML document is a node, just as an element or an attribute is.

For example, suppose that you are working with an XML Schema file that's located on a remote server.

You want to retrieve the entire XML Schema to ensure that it is up to date. Read Outer Xml()) Loop On Error Resume Next input Stream. Close() End Sub But what if those external resources are secured and require authentication that's different than the currently logged-in user?

Both of these methods take strings as a parameter so they cannot be differentiated by arguments alone.

So I created a The idea is that this way they can change the implementation of Xml Reader and not break any user code (e.g.A pull model typically requires the entire XML document to be loaded, and a push model allows for forward-only reading of a document.In MSXML, the push model is implemented by using the SAX interfaces, and the pull model is implemented by using the DOM interfaces.Maybe they thought that the Factory pattern is an overkill?Xml Text Reader provides forward-only, read-only access to a stream of XML data.Validation Event Handler = event Handler; method simply reads the XML instance document and validates the element against the schema. Add("urn:schemas-vbdna-net:framework", New Xml Text Reader(xsd File)) 'Add the list of schemas to validate against to the schemas collection validator. Add(schemas) 'Wire up the callback to our Validation Call Back routine Add Handler validator. Even text contained in an element is referred to as a text node.

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