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xmobar is a lightweight, text-based, status bar written in Haskell.It was originally designed to be used together with Xmonad, but it is also usable with any other window manager.

i've tested that it will theoretically work on my system but i am in the process of upgrading some hardware so that the whole thing runs well.

I'd like to see discussion of various elements within posted images.

So you see, most things that you want to do with XMonad are already a solved problem, you just have to know where to look.

Basically, just ditch your script and use that instead.

(Wtf unity 3d)Gaming, programs, Microsoft products to integrate with schoolwork, solidworks latest revisions, clean and ready interface, used it since 95, all my coding is matlab (soon to change, hence Linux switch)I run Debian Jessie with a bare window manager and several GNOME utilities started at WM launch to give me things like power management, keyring access for virt-manager and nm-applet, etc.

On my laptop, this is Awesome WM, and done to preserve battery life over the GPU-devouring hambeast that is GNOME Shell. I'm pretty new to the subreddit, and I'm very impressed. One little suggestion could be a way of filtering the posts (specially the screenshots) by environment. For instance, here's my launcher, implemented using dmenu, here's something interesting it does, etc. Doesn't have to be endless screenshots of full desktops. While xmobar is written in Haskell, no knowledge of the language is required to install and use it.


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