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Point of fact is that the Tom Scholz stayed in Boston and the rest of the band went out to California to record in the studio.The recorded tracks - minus Scholz's guitar - were then sent to Scholz in Boston so he could add his guitar parts.

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If you listen to a lot of music, it's bound to happen once or twice. It has feeling, amazing guitars,and an even better vocal. Though since Delp's death, the lyrics to Hitch a Ride have really taken on a different tone - go give it another listen! But yes, Mary Ann is my Nana but doesn't like to tell people that it's about her because she is actually embarrassed (which i believe because it only took her my whole 17 years of living to tell me).

I've heard before that Tom Scholz had to learn to play guitar before recording this. I met one of the loves of my life when this song was playing in summer 1977. She's the nicest person alive and always cares for others before herself. THAT MAKES ME MAD BECAUSE SHE'S VERY MUCH ALIVE THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You don't have to believe me if you don't want to, but believe me when I say you will never meet such a nice, warm-hearted person like my Nana, Mary Ann.

I will never forget the day when I first heard this song when listening to radio count down and this debutted at 22 then it jumped to 12 and then made it to number 10 and the week after it only made one jump to number 9 on bilbords top 40. Though I have some bias cuz I was born & spent my early childhood in the Boston area, Boston is still one of my favorite bands, and of course this album was a masterpiece!

But good thing is it just kept on going closer to the top position but failed and got stuck at number 5. My first album(LP)bought in December'1977 with my first month salary!! In my opinion the Boston album ranks right up there with "Dark Side Of The Moon" as one of the greatest classic rock albums of all time. This song was great as well as "Foreplay / Long Time", but perhaps my favorite by them was "Hitch A Ride".

Tom Scholz quoting "Marianne was my cousin who was older than I was by a bit, and I had a crush on her when I was 13.

'I see my Marianne walking away...' A kid's grade-school crush, and her name fitted, and it worked out perfectly"The fact that, "When they finally got a record deal with CBS, they had to abide by union rules and complete it in a proper studio, which Scholz felt was a hindrance," is a little misleading.Consequently my wife (Now Ex) hated this song..While in my late teens, several albums of the 70s rocked my world at the time.They include: 'Dreamboat Annie' by Heart, 'Rumours' by Fleetwood Mac, and Boston's 'Boston' album.This song reminds me of my brother, he died 13 August 2009, we used to drive around and listen to the 8 track. 7/2/2010Very cool song, one of the first I listened to when I started tuning in to pop-rock stations in the 70s.I learned to play this song, and sang it with him the last time I saw him. Even as a tweenie, I remember being awed by the engineering on this song - particularly the parts where a sustained vocal fades flawlessly into a guitar note. Today my family revealed to me that the song is actually written about my Nana.The main riff is ripped from Creams' Badge - the start of the second section of the song, a part written by George Harrison I believe.


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