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Academic researchers often class women such as Barbara as ‘romance tourists’, as they usually believe the men they meet on holiday are in love with them.When I asked why he ‘dated’ only older women, he said: ‘If I take a tourist out and she wants to help me out as a friend, give me money and let me stay with her in the hotel, what’s wrong with that?Names like Alan Turing arguably one of the greatest mathematicians this world has ever seen comes to mind.

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Racial difference plays a significant role in the female sex tourist experience.

White women who would never consider being openly involved with a young black man back home feel free to do so while travelling and often use this as an example of their ‘anti-racism’.

When I asked him why he was gay, his answer was like “What is the right sexual orientation anyway? Good examples are the German Jews who suffered at the hands of Hitler and the still ongoing persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh.

Discriminating against gays and Lesbians who also happens to be in the minority is not any different.

Not one of the women used the phrase ‘sex tourism’, but most of them discussed how they had sent money to their ‘boyfriends’ to pay an urgent debt or to rent accommodation in time for their next visit.‘Chris never got that money he was owed,’ she says.

‘I ended up paying for everything and once, when I refused, he told me he could pick up any white woman he wanted who would be happy to give him money.’It is not just sex the women are seeking, though.

Uniformed security personnel rounded up obvious-looking bumsters, shaved off their dreadlocks and began routinely patrolling the tourist areas along the coast.

A similar initiative has since been tried in Negril.

The call by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for people to respect gay and lesbian’s rights makes some interesting reading.

It is also interesting noting how this call has brought to the fore a wide range of reactions from people from all walks of life.

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